The FFG programme is the highest level of athletes sponsorship, granting category-exclusive marketing rights during the season and after the season. The programme – which was created by the founders of the company in 2019/20 – attracts some of the best-known companies in the UAE and South East Asia.
Our passion for sports in FFG Sports Managements is quite similar to our client’s passion. And our massive network of sponsorship providers in UAE and South East Asia, we all share our passions to bring up a community of enthusiasts and devotees. Because we are big fans ourselves, football is of course one of the main sports in our portfolio.

At FFG Sports Managements, we strive for sponsorships that will add value to our brand with our Clients. Sponsors that can connect new experienced people who have with different backgrounds who share the same passion.

Our brand value is emphasized by the sponsorship and helps in engaging both existing and potential customers. We take in consideration the value and purpose of sponsorships will be one of the core aspect of our communication strategy.

We make sure that your sponsorships investment is activated to the maximum potential, by our expertise’s strategic guidance and consults.



Getting the maximum result is the goal of every sports club, organization or sports project owner. We provide assistance to professional organizations and key projects in realizing (international) solid and legally well-thought business agreements (contracts). We can also assist sports clubs with business contracts concerning transfers, salary negotiations, sports projects, strategic alliances and sponsorships.


Within a business model, sports organization usually apply multiple earning models, despite if they efficient or not. We help in re-adjust them into a more effective plans that works efficiently in the current market. We analyze, create and implement innovative ideas using marketing strategic approach for a prompt operational performance. We can help to set up effective marketing, change teams, innovate services and products, and arrange sponsorships and such to organize companies towards profitable business.